Holly Thompson Coaching

School Search Coaching

Applying to public school in New York City has its challenges, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The process can offer opportunities—to discover interesting schools, meet passionate educators and excited students, and connect with your children in new ways. It’s also a chance for families to define what they really want in an education and stay true to those values—often amidst a lot of noise—which is most key to a happy match.

My goal in school coaching is to help parents stay focused, on track and sane during the search process. Together, we’ll figure out what you need to do (and don’t need to do!), work out systems and timelines and stick to them, lower stress, and keep the big picture in mind.


Topics will be tailored to individual needs and may include:

  • Overview of the process/what to expect

  • Who your child is/what they care about in a school

  • What you/your partner care about in a school

  • What you want most for your child during this process and longer term 

  • Identifying your greatest challenges and resources

  • Information, systems and staying organized

  • Navigating moments when parents and kids (or parents and parents) are not aligned 

  • Ranking schools: what you need to know (and myths you should ignore)

I'll also offer my perspective and answer questions, drawing on my own experience going through the process. 

How It Works

I offer a 1-hour initial consultation and 45-minute coaching calls.

1 Hour Initial Consultation: One-time conversation for getting started. The Initial Consultation provides a structured, comprehensive introduction to the school search process and covers a range of topics and concerns. We’ll talk about who your child is, what’s important to the family in a school, strategies and systems for managing the process, the finer print involved in the search process, and more. This initial session takes place either by phone or in person in Brooklyn. The fee for a one-time Consultation is $250.

45-minute Coaching Call: Shorter, focused conversation for checking in and talking things through. This coaching call centers serves as a check-in during the search and focuses on one or two specific topics brought by the parent(s). These sessions can be used as a follow up to the Initial Consultation to delve deeper into topics previously discussed, or to talk through time-sensitive questions and concerns that have emerged during the process. Parents can sign up for one or more call at any time. It is not necessary to have an Initial Consultation to sign up for a Coaching Call. The fee for a one-time Coaching Call is $175.

Fall 2019: School Coaching 3-Pack. This package includes three sessions that take place over the course of the school search—ideally towards the beginning, in the middle, and towards the end of the process close to the application deadline. Includes one 1-Hour Initial Consultation and two 45-minute Coaching Calls for a fee of $500.

Getting Started

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