Holly Thompson Coaching
Holly is a brave and caring coach. She has a fierce intellect, a discerning ear and a willingness to speak the hard truths with kindness and respect. Holly helps people stay true to their values and move forward in the right direction, towards happiness and success.
— Jay
I came to Holly to work on self-advocacy. I was drawn to working with her because of how well she listened. From our first phone conversation, I felt she understood me. That understanding translated into Holly being tremendously helpful to me during our time together. Through playing back and analyzing situations at work where I had felt disempowered and disrespected, I learned from Holly how to take my feelings seriously and ask for what I need. My favorite thing about working with her was the care she put into rooting our work in my values — being kind to myself, supporting my friends and colleagues, and having time to let loose and goof off. Thank you Holly!
— Meredith
Holly is the embodiment of strength. She is poised and graceful yet grounded and strong. Her coaching is the perfect combination of supportive, yet challenging and motivating. She is able to create a safe and courageous space to allow you to process and grow while taking you further on topics you have been subconsciously (or consciously!) avoiding.
— Lauren
Holly is exactly what I want in a coach. She helps me break through years of accumulated mental and emotional crud, so that I can pursue my goals with more clarity and force. She is an attentive listener and clear communicator. She is a critical thinker with a diplomatic touch. She helps me make meaningful connections between my professional development and my emotional development, and she has given me insights that have enabled breakthroughs in both realms.
— Aram
Holly’s intuition brings out her natural ability to see what her clients cannot see for themselves. Her gentle and knowing style makes her a perfect coach and consultant across many industries.
— Lynn
Holly is an astute and curious coach. She has a no-nonsense and grounded way about her and she can be fearless! She makes no bones about getting to the heart of the matter.
— Jill